High School Tutoring


High School Study Hall is a program where students of all levels can seek expert instruction and explanation on concepts they don't understand at school without the distractions and scrutiny of their peers.
To ensure academic success, teachers will:

  • Review homework
  • Help students study for tests
  • Teach study skills and organization techniques
  • Monitor student's assignments and grades

Students will learn in a quiet, professional environment with other like-minded peers focused on higher levels of learning.

Teachers are vested in each student achieving and reaching their fullest potential. view their bio

Students are welcome to stay as long as needed up until 6pm.

High School Study Hall
from 290.00

Monday & Wednesday 3pm-6pm [Westmoor High School]

$190/month one day per week

$325/month two days per week

Sunday 11am-2pm [PACE Office at 100 Skyline Plaza, Suite207]

$290/month Sunday only

price includes a $100 yearly registration fee

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High School 1-on-1 Tutoring
from 85.00

PACE Guarantees Satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our tutor, we will find a more suitable match and not charge you for the previous session.

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PACE carefully matches the student's academic need with a tutor knowledgeable in the academic concept.

Our tutors: 

  • Review and explain schoolwork
  • Help complete homework thoroughly and correctly
  • Teach study skills and the importance of being organized
  • Track academic progress at school
  • Help prepare students for upcoming tests
  • Challenge students to learn and explore new concepts.