SAT Prep Weekly - $375/month


SAT Prep Weekly - $375/month

from 375.00

Wednesdays 3-6pm

Classroom instruction includes:

  • Teaching the fundamentals of each section, showing students how to utilize what they already know.
  • Demonstrate the importance of having a different frame of mind for the SAT: it's about how to understand and approach the questions.
  • Provide tangible examples and applications to allow students to understand what the SAT requires.
  • Covers all subjects and formats, allowing students to become comfortable with every part of the SAT.
  • Offer section specific help to develop familiarity and time management
    • Reading: Tips for speed reading, how to answer what is asked, develop your own context
    • Writing: common examples, tricks for spotting errors, the importance of flow and connotation, colloquialism vs grammatically correct.
    • Math: How to work smart, methods to solve questions efficiently, avoid unnecessary work, breaking down the questions to only solve what is essential


  • Regularly scheduled practice exams
  • Question & answer sessions with parents and students to understand the road to college.

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